Is Your Debtor Refusing To Settle Up?

Hire a debt collection attorney in Amesbury, MA

Collecting on debt isn't always as simple as sending a strongly-worded letter. If your debtor is ignoring your attempts to collect on what you're owed, your only option might be legal action. The Law Office of Kerri Reed accepts all kinds of debt collection cases in Amesbury, MA and can help you go through the legal process properly. Attorney Reed can...

  • Assess your situation and explain your options for collecting on your debt
  • Send notices to debtors to make sure they are correctly informed of their obligations
  • Represent you in court if you end up needing to file a complaint

Get started on the debt collection process when you contact our experienced attorney today.

No case is too big or small

No matter how much you're owed, debt is debt. Whether you need to go to a superior court over tens of thousands of dollars or want to file a complaint in small claims court, attorney Reed will be by your side every step of the way. With decades of trial experience, she can help you fight for a favorable outcome to your case.

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