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Work with an assertive criminal defense attorney in Amesbury and all citizens of Massachusetts

If you've been charged with a crime, your future is at risk. A conviction could mean paying large fines, spending time in jail and losing future job opportunities. You need a reliable criminal defense attorney to help you navigate your legal situation. The Law Office of Kerri Reed represents clients in Amesbury, MA. Our lead attorney is knowledgeable, compassionate and aggressive. You're in good hands when you hire her to represent you.

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Backed by versatile experience

Kerri Reed has worked for years as a criminal lawyer, handling a wide range of situations. She understands the nuances of:

  • License suspension and OUI cases
  • Clerk magistrate hearings
  • Firearm license denials and suspensions
  • Arrests and court summons

As the Amesbury Police Department police prosecutor, Attorney Reed helped hundreds of pro se defendants through OUI cases. She's familiar with the penalty, fines and license consequences of all kinds. Speak with Attorney Reed now by calling 978-792-5035